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◎片  名 无处快速 Nowhere Fast

◎年  代 2017

◎产  地 爱尔兰

◎类  别 喜剧

◎语  言 英语

◎上映日期 2017-11-13

◎主  演 Alison Spittle , Clare Monnelly , Genevieve Hulme Beaman , Cathy Belton , Mark Doherty , Kevin McGahern , Clarabelle Murphy , Stephen Jones , Mary McEvoy , Emma Willis , Jessica Regan , Seán Óg Cairns , Morgan C. Jones , Paddy C. Courtney , Clodagh Griffin , Eamon Rohan , Conor Lambert , Maclean Burke

◎简  介

Nowhere Fast is a comedy about women in rural Ireland, and one woman in particular. Fresh from a disaster in her media career in the big smoke, Angela (played by Alison) returns to her family home to lick her wounds and plan her next move. Can she escape the quicksand of small town Ireland and get her life back on track? And in the meantime can she keep her friends and family happy so she can get lifts?

Nowhere Fast 是一部关于爱尔兰农村妇女的喜剧,特别是一个女人。安吉拉(艾莉森饰)刚从媒体生涯中的一场灾难中恢复过来,回到家中舔舐伤口并计划下一步行动。她能否逃离爱尔兰小镇的流沙,让生活重回正轨?与此同时,她能否让她的朋友和家人开心,这样她就可以坐电梯了?

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